Changi Airport Group - The Departure (Dance Film)

’The Departure’ tells the story of a man trying to come to terms with his partner’s imminent departure. They try to address the elephant in the room before she leaves, but ultimately put the idea aside in favour of reminiscing their happy memories and embracing what precious time they have left. Despite the mixed emotions and his reluctance to see her go, the man tries his best to be supportive, while his partner reassures him of her feelings.

In an effort to help build the Changi Airport brand using a different approach, we worked together with Changi Airport Group to tell a narrative of love and departure through the medium of dance.

The dance short film, in conjunction with their online campaign, invites online viewers to share their own stories and memories of departure and reunion at Changi Airport.

Client: Changi Airport Group
Director: Charlene Ng
Dancers: Marcus, Alison
DP: Charles He
Executive Producer: Bang Lin
Producer: Tessa Tan
Music Composition: Martin Reiher
Production: Grain