Kubota - Shiok Lah!

Since the end of 2016, Kubota has been steadily pushing out a series of TVCs to highlight their presence in various countries across the globe. The series follows Japanese celebrity Masami Nagasawa as she explores, experiences and subsequently, integrates into the different cultures and hospitalities that each major city has to offer. This parallels Kubota's core values as they tackle food, water and environmental challenges on a global scale.  

Having covered Paris, Dubai and Ho Chi Minh, Kubota decided that it was time for them to feature the cosmopolitan island-country of Singapore. Grain was extremely privileged to be able to produce it and work with the talented teams from Thailand and Japan. The transnational team worked tirelessly to create an entire restaurant from scratch; transforming an empty unit into a vibrant eatery that fits seamlessly into the iconic dining scene along the Singapore River.