CNVS: Mdm Si 

When we first met Mdm Si, we remember listening to her story and leaving the place with a great sense of joy. What kept our spirits up was the abounding energy and passion she displayed through the songs she sang during the sessions, even being at the age of 90! That’s always something hard to come by. As she shared with us her treasure stash of original recordings, well preserved old photos and newspaper clippings of all her features, we earnestly wanted to know more. Listening to her felt like she was our own grandmother, telling stories back from the past.

Just the initial point of contact left us in awe and renewed our spirit for storytelling. Here, from a humble little home off Kent Road, is a master of the arts, a performer, an entertainer who raised an entire family with her talent for performing. It was definitely a heartwarming journey.

Fast forward three years, this journey of illustrating her story wouldn’t have been complete without all those who’ve taken time off to help make this happen. Thank you Lynette and your family for trusting us to document this story.

Art has no price, but it has value. For the past few years here at Grain, that has been something we held tightly onto. At the end of the day, when we’re 90, we hope to be telling our own novel story, hopefully one we can help spur another’s creative journey. Only then will we know that we’ve paid it forward.

Creative Direction: Grain
Production House: Grain

Director: Bang Lin
Editor: Cheryl Koh, Bang Lin
Parallax Sequence: Amirul
Translation: Cheryl Koh, Jacqueline Ng

Special Thanks: Lynette Pang, George Hwang, Janie,
Nicholas, Nevin Lim, Marine Lin, Derek Foo, Kimyong