Pertapis - Zakat Membawa Berkat (Zakat Brings Blessings)

We were approached by Pertapis to do a video as part of their online engagement, giving us the opportunity to sit down and talk to Mdm Shifah – a lady who still finds the spirit in her to give and help others despite the many challenges she faces.

Rather than focusing on the unfortunate things, Mdm Shifah remains thankful for the help she has received and the good things in life. Her strong faith, coupled with the support from Pertapis, keep her looking at life positively in light of her struggles.

Documenting her story, the video reminds the audience of the good work that Pertapis does to ensure that needy families can get by, with a call to action for donations to help those like Mdm Shifah.

Client: Pertapis
Production: Grain