Singapore Tyler Print Institute - Ryan Gander

A series commissioned by Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI)

During the second half of 2014, we were commissioned to document the journey of Ryan Gander, a reknown artist based in the UK. Over the course of two residencies in STPI, we documented his journey and process towards his art.

Composed around visual puzzles and unusually assembled objects, the works of Ryan Gander are catalysts for thinking, constantly challenging accustomed conditions and viewer perceptions. While he intentionally avoids stylistic signatures and remains unbounded by categories in his art, his works are subtly coherent in their storytelling and considerations of language. 

Gander embarked on his STPI residency with an inquisitive and experimental mindset, exploring the possibilities of print as he utilises the history and meaning of print to give importance to things we tend to forget or pay little attention to. Addressing the idea of a parallel history, time and its continuity, his works at STPI revisit art history and design history, as well as the abilities and possibilities of print.

Client: Singapore Tyler Print Institute
Creative Collective: Grain
Creative Direction: Grain & STPI