SingHealth - A Patient-centric Care Film - What really matters?

From pre to post-production, we worked together with SingHealth RHS team to produce a patient-centric care film to highlight the story of Mdm Teo. Behind her smiles and spritely personality, health is a worry for Mdm Teo. She is not alone, as individuals with multiple chronic conditions are set to increase as our population ages. Beyond care in hospitals, these individuals often need follow-up care at home and yearn for easy access to healthcare when they need it. 

Can the level of care that Mdm Teo provides her husband be paralleled?

The film aims to start a conversation between healthcare professionals, questioning the way healthcare is provided for in Singapore and how we can better provide a holistic approach to those in need. 

Client: Singhealth

Director: Bang Lin
Creative Collective: Grain
Post Production: Grain
Sound Mixing: Burtt See