Sivantos - Hear The Colors of Sound

This was a spot we worked on, from conceptualisation, all the way through to post-production. 

We were immensely excited when we first received the brief as our initial research brought to light several issues we never considered about the hard-of-hearing. It was certainly a challenge juggling between venturing into unfamiliar territory and making sure we hit the right notes with this one. But as always, we are thankful for an ever supportive client who provided invaluable insights to guide us along.

Together, we put out this piece for their launch of the new Signia hearing aids, which aims to deepen the appreciation of sound, and of life.


Sivantos - Hear The Colors of Sound 

Client: Sivantos
Creative Direction & Production House: Grain
Director: Derek Foo
Producer: Tessa Tan
DoP: Charles He
Editor: Liy A.