Singapore Tourism Board: Tourism50 - Reminisce


There are memories within us. Those moments that linger and last through time; journeys and stories we create with family, friends, or that special one. Though the details might not be fully preserved, the emotions are always still so vivid and alive.

Inspired by the stories contributed by Singaporeans for the Singapore Memory Project and using actual footages and pictures from the National Archives of Singapore, we present to you a story about a family and their lives and memories with the many attractions that we have grown to be familiar with. Some have evolved, some remained, but what matters most is the memory that will always be present.


About Tourism50

2014 marks the 50th year of tourism development and promotion in Singapore. Tourism has been a major player in the storied transformation of Singapore over the past 50 years. From world-class attractions to year-round exciting events and vibrant precincts, tourism has helped to make Singapore an enjoyable home that we can be proud of. It has also shaped Singapore into a compelling and modern cosmopolitan destination with strong local character.


Client: Singapore Tourism Board
Production Company & Creative Collective: Grain
Creative Development: Derek Foo, Daniel Kevin Kristian

Director: Derek Foo
Executive Producers:  Bang Lin, Kim Yong
Production Design: Kim Yong
Director of Photography: Haniff Dzafirul

Post Production: Grain
Music Composer: Jeremy Lim
Sound Designer: Roger Low