TCC x Robert Timms - The Stuttgart Ballet Promo

We teamed up with Timmermann and Tan to produce a spot that promotes The Stuttgart Ballet in John Cranko’s Romeo and Juliet proudly sponsored by The Connoisseur Concerto and Robert Timms. Passion for the arts is something we can definitely relate to. When we were approached to create a ballet spot, we took up the challenge to bring out the very essence of what it is like to live out a life with passion. 

Here's a spot dedicated to all who continuously and tirelessly pursue their passion and dreams.


Client: The Connoisseur Concerto and Robert Timms
Creative Agency: Timmermann and Tan
Production House: Grain
Director: Kim Yong
Producer: Tessa Tan
Director of Photography: Leang Lung See
Editor: Liy A.