National Library Board, Public Libraries - Time Of Your Life

Time Of Your Life - Teck picks Dancing Tips from a Book!

The National Library Board, Public Libraries, have rolled out a series of programmes to encourage our pioneer generation to access their collection of e-books, workshops and other services. In order to create awareness, we helped conceptualize and produce a series of narrative film following a group of friends as they discover the different services provided by the Public Libraries. 

Client: National Library Board, Public Libraries
Creative Collective: Grain
Directors: Derek Foo & Wong Kim Yong
Director of Photography: Marcia Ong
Post Production: Grain

Time Of Your Life - Lian introduces eBooks to the boys

Time Of Your Life - One free hour's Use of the Internet @ NLB's Silver Infocomm Hotspots

Time Of Your Life - Enjoy the convenience of eBooks!